~Mission Statement~

To teach the very best techniques in all forms of dance. Emphasis is placed on the physical and mental growth of each student. All students are encouraged to challenge themselves and develop their own natural abilities. Studying dance not only develops the students' love for music and arts, but it also develops; intellect, memory, concentration, emotion, and the tuning of coordination and sensory awareness. Classes are taught with order, discipline, and kindness.

Kathleen Whitener

Kathleen moved to Salt Lake City, Utah where she began training at the Ballet Centre founded by the late William Christensen, founder of San Francisco Ballet and Ballet West.  Under the direction of Michelle Armstrong she was one of four dancers chosen to perform an original piece by Mr. C (William Christensen) when The Centre revived some of his original choreography in 1999.  Mr. C, himself, was in the audience the night the piece was presented.  

    In 2000 Kathleen obtained a full scholarship to The David Taylor Dance Theatre out of Denver, Colorado where she trained directly under renowned artistic directors/choreographers James Clouser and David Taylor.  She was chosen by Mr. Clouser to perform the Bluebird variation of Sleeping Beauty.  Later that year she was hired into DTDT where she trained with principle dancer Alison Jaramillo and choreographer/dancer James Wallace.


In 2002, she joined the USMC.  After her time in service, she certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and became an Independent Personal Trainer with an additional certification in Pilates from the Body Arts and Science Institute (BASI).  In 2014 Kathleen completed her teacher’s certification in New York City with the Bolshoi Ballet, and in 2017 completed her second certification.